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Young Christians Students Movement
Young Children Student Movement was a brainchild of Joseph Cardinal Cardijn of Belgium. This was an offshoot of Young Christian Workers’ Movement started as a humanization of Workers who were depressed and worked almost like slaves in a Capitalist Society. After their own emancipation they wanted their children to be equipped with right attitudes and values that would help them to live as human beings and followers of Christ.

 The YCS Movement at College is striving to adorn our students with right values and attitudes. We are living in a society, in a student milieu that is not motivating or empowering students to be critical and realistic so as to discern what is right and wrong. We want our students to follow the methodology of YCS e.g. SEE, JUDGE and ACT before they posit or go into any action. For this we have our weekly meetings and weekly resolutions creating within the members, a sense of responsibility and commitment. Weekly we meet on two days as we have two groups: senior and junior respectively.

 We participate in our Deanery, and Diocesan Meetings and Training Programmes. We are grateful to the YCS Chaplains and Animators for their support and guidance. We expect our parents to help us in this vital formation.

Priest in Charge : Rev. Fr. W. Don Chrispin Leo