“Be Prepared – The meaning of the scout motto is that a scout must prepare himself by previous thinking out and practicing how to act during any accident or emergency so that he is never taken by surprise; he knows exactly what to do when anything unexpected happens.”


  • Lord Baden Powell (Founder of Scouting)


The 40th Colombo, St. Peter’s College Troop has been in the forefront in developing young minds to act independently, through the scout promise of doing one’s duty towards his religion and country, to help other people at all times by being Trustworthy Loyal, Considerate, Brother To One Another, Courageous, Kind, Cooperative, Cheerful, Thrifty and Clean in Thought, Word and Deed.


The Scout Troop at, St. Peter’s College though small in number great commitment and dedication at all National and College events where their duty is expected. It consists of boys from Grade 6 to 13, from all religious, their  multilingual and ethnic differences help to relate  and understanding each other in utmost perfect co-existent harmony and brotherhood. The year 2015 has been challenging, yet with the support of all those involved in scouting at College and outside, the troop has been able to execute its duty to perfection.


The Colombo District Scout Headquarters, the governing body of all school and independent Scout Troops in the Colombo District started the year 2015 with a big agenda of scouting activities.


Colombo District took a giant step forward in Scouting in Sri Lanka by initiating the first ever District Youth Forum for the Senior Scouts and Rover Scouts, which was held form 27th February to 01st March 2015 at Meth Arana Centre, Pore, Athurugiriya. The 40th Colombo Scout Troop had two senior delegates and one junior observer in a contingent of 60 other scouts form the Colombo District. The representatives were also made ambassadors for the worldwide inaugurated Messengers of Peace Movement in some of the most difficult conflict areas in the world – Kashmir, Isarel/Palestine, Ruwanda/Burundi and Northern Ireland, to name a few – Scouts are coming together in local communities to make a difference. Adding all this together Scouts, a part of a global Movement, are making the world a more peaceful place. We thank these boys for taking part in this and showing their true commitment in order to create the world a better place. The youth council delegates still lend their support for this cause upto date.


Last year three of our scout instructors completed the “ Phase 1 Scout Masters Training” on 28th March & further strengthening the college troop by bringing in new knowledge in order to inculcate and instill in the scouts. All three instructors are invested Scout Masters in the National Headquarters as well. We thank them for their dedication to pursue their tutorial development in scouting even after their college tenure in order to be pillars of knowledge towards the young boys.


The most important District event in the annual calendar is the 50th Annual Colombo District Camporee which was held form 25th to 30th August at the Shastrananda Maha Vidyala Grounds – Dehiwala. The Peterite college troop consisted of 22 Scouts and 3 Scout Masters. It was a tremendous task which the boys set out to achieve with administration, setting up camp, preparing their own meals, taking part in camporee games and activities in skill and drama categories. The troop won two pennants for camp site cleanliness and inspection. We wish to thank the scouts, the scout masters, parents and our priest in charge for assisting us in making this event a success.   


In addition to the District Agenda the scout masters and senior scouts take part in all Rock Council meetings held every month at the District Scout Headquarters.


Scouting is held every Saturday in the college premises, a day of learning, exploring, pioneering all part of a scout’s life. The day is preside over by the scout masters who train the boys in the ways of scouting. It should be mentioned that, every boy, new or old, present shows great enthusiasm in simply being among friends, and living the scout life.


The scouts lend their support, services and duty in the Joe-Pete Cricket, Soccer & Rugby Encounters whenever St. Peter’s College play host, at the annual Sports Meet, the Annual Prize Giving, College Day, Rectors Day and  Special Assemblies, making them the only all-round extra-curricular activity legion in college among  other co-curricular activity based clubs and associations.


We wish to extend our sincere thanks to our Rector, Rev. Father Trevor Martin who as our Group Scout Leader plays an important role in assisting us take part in National Events. Our Priest in charge of Scouting, Rev. Father Samith Rangana Perera who is always behind us lending his unending support at all scouting events.


We extend a special gratitude towards our beloved Akela in charge of the Cub Scouts Mrs. Ramona Hadj Omar, who together with Mrs. Subodhini Edirisinghe, mold and shape our young cubs in their early stages of scouting. Their untiring efforts are always appreciated and we thank them with all our hearts.


A Special thanks to Mr. Rajiv Victor who has been supporting all the past and present Scout Leaders, and training the scouts as a scout instructor for the last 13 years in service with college.


We wish to thank our Scout leader, Mr. Howard Candappa, the scout instructors, senior scoutsm junior scouts and recruits, who make up the scout troop of St. Peter’s College. Further we wish to thank all the parents who support us in our endeavors.


We look forward to another new year in strength and determination to provide the best in scouting service.

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