Rector’s Message

St. Peter’s College, Colombo 04., is a premier Catholic educational institution in Sri Lanka. It derives its vision and mission from the vision of Catholic education i.e., integral education. The aim is to form holistic, well integrated, full and total, well rounded persons who will be productive citizens and an asset to the society.

The Latin meaning of the word Education is ‘Educare’ which means to ‘draw out. We at St. Peter’s College desire to create an environment where Peterites will be able to realize their dreams and aspirations. To this end while focusing on education, we give importance to co-curricular, extra-curricular and sports activities within a disciplined environment. We are immensely aware of the formative value of sports and therefore encourage Peterites to be involved at least in one sport while in school.

‘Every child matters’ is our guiding principle. We desire to create a culture where every child is respected and appreciated. We will respect and recognize the talents and capabilities of each Peterite and create an environment where he could develop his hidden potentials to his maximum capacity. We want each Peterite to bloom and blossom and be fully human and fully alive.

It is said that school is a second home for a child. We want to make St. Peter’s College the first home for the Peterites. We desire that Peterites develop a sense of belonging and cultivate a profound loyalty to their ‘Alma Mater’. We want them to have a happy and a joyful experience of their school life so that they would carry pleasant memories of school.

We live in a knowledge society where knowledge is capital. We are aware of the polarizations that exist between the information rich and the information poor. We desire to create a teaching learning environment that would bridge this information gap and the knowledge gap. We are aware of the digital divide that exists in the society. We live in an information saturated world. We desire that Peterites learn the necessary critical analytical skills to be empowered with sufficient wisdom and knowledge to discern between constructive and destructive information and knowledge and thereby convert information into constructive knowledge. We want Peterites to widen their knowledge base and expand their perspectives so that they would be co-creators and innovators in the process of knowledge construction and knowledge generation. They will in this process not only enhance their knowledge of technology but also learn to think outside the box in the use of technology as a tool for the creation and production of innovative thinking.

In Education Leadership and Management, we follow the principles of ‘Collegial Management’. Collegial models assume that organizations determine policy and make decisions through a process of discussion leading to consensus. Power is shared among some or all members of the organization who are thought to have a shared understanding about the aims of the institution. The reason to pursue the study and practice of Collegiality is that, presumably, something is gained when we work together, and something is lost when we do not.

‘Since wars begin in the minds of men and women, it is in the minds of men and women that the defences of peace must be constructed’. Let the main thrust of our education drive be to build peace in the minds of the Peterites. We desire that Peterites be consciously aware that they are global citizens and that they belong to a global family. However, we want them to be deeply rooted in their own culture and tradition. We want them to be responsible citizens who are guided by values that will make them contribute towards the building up of a peaceful and a harmonious world. We will guide them in every possible way to respect the environment and be environmentally friendly so that by engaging in sustainable development they will preserve our ‘Common Home’ to the posterity.

The objective is to make every effort to take St. Peter’s College to greater and greater heights towards the future and make it a trend setter and a global leader in education. We desire that St. Peter’s College be the ‘dream school’ that every child long to be and be educated. We will strive hard to provide the very best of the best facilities in every possible way to the Peterites and make St. Peter’s College ‘A School of Par – Excellence’ in every sphere of education in Sri Lanka.

May God our loving Father bless each of you abundantly, may Mary our Blessed Mother protect you and may St. Peter our Patron Saint guide you in all your endeavours!

‘Virtus et Veritas’
‘God bless!’

Rev. Fr. Rohitha Rodrigo
Rector / Principal.