London Advanced Level Section


      St. Peter’s College as an innovate center of education has opted to provide an opportunity for students to reach out globally in education levels by organizing London Advanced Level classes. In the year 2000 under the guidance of the then Rector Rev.Fr. Felician Ranjith Perera this scheme was innovated. Since then we have been successfully conducting classes in Mathematics, Science and Commerce. The programme accelerated in growth when classes were shifted form the evenings to regular school hours in 2011. This enabled students to actively participate in studies, sports and extra- curricular activities.

     Rev. Fr. Chrispin Leo as the Preist – in- Charge of the London A/L section has been a guiding and driving force towards the improvement of the programmes offered. His administrative skills and years of experience have stimulated the section towards greater achievements. constantly motivating the staff and the students to standardize and uplift standards of performance. Under his management the courses are being conducted smoothly and successfully.

We are happy to say that Mrs. Kanthi Goonawardane as the co-ordinator, kept the flag flying since the year 2000 till her retirement and we are grateful for her yeoman service. The present co-ordinator, Mrs. Maryes Ranaweera has succeeded in maintaining the new programmes established. She has been implementing many strategies for the betterment of the students and the section.


      In a developing world where education is very competitive to achieve success, Pearson Edexcel has improved the standards of their programmes by introducing the International Advanced Level curriculum. It is noteworthy to say that the number of students our college has presented for Edexcel examinations has improved vastly over the past year and there is a steady improvement in the results with A*’s and A’s being obtained.


        Currently the students are given an opportunity to select among five combinations of various subjects which have been cautiously selected, targeting global requirements of the future. With many plans implemented we hope that the students will use this opportunity to produce impressive results and carry themselves to be world class students to foreign universities.

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