London Advanced Level

We offer a variety of subject combinations among Mathematics, Science and Commerce Streams. The combinations are carefully designed, offering students a selection between ten options to pursue their dreams. While one may have an exact idea of what he intends to invest his future in, another may be undecided. We have often experienced this reality and we have guided them so as to get the best out of our students.

We believe that education includes a thorough development in academic, social, spiritual and extra and co-curricular factors. Competing in an ever advancing world, Peterites are constantly driven to keep up with the rapid global expansions. Along with the quality education delivered coupled up with many extra and co-curricular activities, the students have always been able to develop high standards of integration in actively functioning between their various engagements.
The qualified academic staff constantly keeps reforming themselves to keep up with the advancements as they consider it as a requirement to guide the students towards reaching global standards. We believe that student centered teaching enables us to reach our goals.

Over the years, many Peterites concluded their school career, being qualified according to the International Advanced Level curriculum offered by Pearson Edexcel enabling them to immediately proceed to foreign universities to continue their education. It is noteworthy to mention that the students often express gratitude towards their alma mater for the formation received in every possible way to successfully complete tasks and face challenges academically and otherwise.
The London Advanced Level of St Peter’s College stands firm and continues to deliver not merely quality education but also an integral formation so as to make them leaders in society with a difference. “Lend a heart and lend a hand to be leaders of virtue and truth”. That’s our motto and we stand for it.

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