Crest, Flag & Anthem

The Peterite Crest which came into being in 1927 (we were St. Joseph’s College South from 1922 – 1927) is a beautiful Crest and has stood the test of time. In full colour – Blue, White and Gold – it is a joy to behold and a pride to exhibit.
The Element of Local Culture to ensure that we relate Christ and His teaching, and our faith to Sri Lanka, paying due recognition to all faiths, races etc. This is depicted by the two elephants holding up the Cross on High.

The Catholic elements depicted so well by

  • The Cross right on top
  • The bottom part of the body of the Crest which portrays the Bible, with the Latin words – VERBUM DEI LUCERNA -The Word of God is light
  • The two palms on either side of the Bible portray the triumphal entry of Christ to Jerusalem (Palm Sunday), the preamble to the Last Supper, Passion Death and Resurrection on which our faith is
  • The Papal element, beautifully portrayed in the top half of the body of the Crest with:
    • The Pope’s Crown used at the coronation of a pope
    • The Keys of God’s Kingdom which were given to St. Peter, our Patron, the First Pope in Christendom when Christ said to him, “Thou art Peter and upon this rock I shall build my Church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it”
  • The Motto of the College in the Plaque attached to the body of the Crest at the bottom: VIRTUS ET VERITAS

The Motto depicts the Vision of our Founding Fathers for our Peterites to carry when they go out into the world.

“Virtue and Truth.”

moral excellence, uprightness, goodness, sense of duty, justice prudence, temperance, fortitude. Theologically it means having faith, hope and charity.

state of being true, accurate, honest, sincere, loyal, truth in Confession.

BLUE        : HEAVEN




The College Anthem

Music By: George De Niese
Words By: T.L. Minor

Chorus :

Lend a heart and lend a hand,
And lift the flag on high !
Let its glorious colours give
A greeting to the sky !
Golden gleam and silver sheen
And Blue that crowns the world !
Set the Flag a flying, Boys
Keep the flag unfurled.

Verse 1:

While in boyhood, here we linger,
Mid a garden’s fragrant flowers,
Who shall dare to point the finger
When such joys are ours,
Work enduring, play alluring
Fill our happy hours.
Ills all – curing, health ensuring,
In St. Peter’s bowers !
and our Flag is floating proudly,
Let us sing its praises loudly !


Verse 2:

“Strong as rocks” we’ll meet the surges,
Of the stormy sea of fate,
Ever led where conscience urges,
Towards a nobler state:
“Strong as rocks”, in play or study
Meeting friend and foe,
Fields of Culture, fields all muddy.
Watch us as we grow !
See, Our Banner’s floating proudly
Let us sing its praises loudly !


Verse 3:

“Strong as rocks”, we’ll play the game Boys
Ever fighting for the rights,
Never stain the College name, Boys:
Keep the flag in sight:
Lit us march, eves front, together
Helping those in need,
“Mid Life’s foul or fairer weather,
We’ll be friends indeed,
While our Flag is floating proudly,
Let us sing its praises loudly!