Clubs & Societies

Buddhist Society
The Buddhist Society of St. Peter’s College was established in 1980 under the guidance of Rev. Fr. Joe E. Wickremesinghe. The aim of the club is to gather all the Buddhist students who study at St. Peter’s College under one roof and make them religious and loyal students at College.  They also have won various Inter-School and National Level Competitions for the past few years, including the competitions which were organized by Ananda College.

The Annual ‘Seela Viyapara’ program at Dehiwala Pinwattha Purana Viharaya is one of the main activities carried out by the Buddhist Society. This program is organized for all the Buddhist students at St. Peter’s College as well as for others who are interested, with the help of parents. Every year they celebrate ‘Vesak’ Poya (during the month of May) by decorating the entire school with Vesak lanterns. Also, they have organized ‘Bodhi Pooh a’ programs and many other charitable and religious programs in the past years and hope to continue them this year as well.

Master in Charge : Mr. Upul Algama