“Peterites share the Joy of the Centenary” was an initiative organized by the Prefects’ Body of St. Peter’s College and the Interact Club of St. Peter’s College under the guidance of our Dear Rector, Rev. Fr. Rohitha Rodrigo with the intention of commemorating our centenary-year by making a positive and lasting change; in gratitude to all the blessings we have received as a Peterite Family.

This project was implemented alongside Sirasa Gammadda in order to provide clean and sanitary drinking water to the residents of Maha Karambewa, under the Karuwalagaswewa Divisional Secretariat, in the Puttalam District. With the assistance of the Gammadda ‘door-to-door campaign’, we were able to learn of the village of Maha Karambewa; a rural community where clean water was dangerously scarce. Consumption of unpurified and contaminated water has its people suffering grievously. Chronic kidney diseases and other related ailments had overtaken them to an alarming extent.


St. Peter’s College, Colombo 04. was tasked with raising funds in order to build a “RO Plant”, a naval technological equipment, which purifies the saline water found in these areas and produces 4,000 liters of clean drinking water daily for the consumption of 550 families that reside in Maha Karambewa.

With the invaluable contributions of the Student Body, Tutorial Staff, Non-academic Staff and all internal parties of college, we were able to successfully raise over 4.8 million rupees and conclude an immensely successful act of service, as we truly shared the Joy of a hundred fruitful years of St. Peter’s College!
Written by – Malindu Atukorala and Usmaan Mowlana