St. Peter's College, a recognized hallmark of education was established on 18 January 1922 by Rev. Fr. Maurice Le Goc. With the dawn of 2016 

St. Peter's College steps into its 95th Year.


Guided and spearheaded by many outstanding Rectors over the past 94 years, St. Peter's College has braved many a storm and risen to be one of the leading Educational Institutions in Sri Lanka. It now stands as a firm rock of education catering to the demands of a modern generation.


St. Peter's College, Colombo 04., is a premier Catholic educational institution in Sri Lanka. It derives its vision and mission from the vision of Catholic education i.e., integral education. The aim is to form holistic, well integrated, full and total, well rounded persons who will be productive citizens and an asset to the society.

The Latin meaning of the word Education is 'Educare' which means to 'draw out. We at St. Peter's College desire to create an environment where Peterites will be able to realize their dreams and aspirations. To this end while focusing on education, we give importance to co-curricular, extra-curricular and sports activities within a disciplined environment. We are immensely aware of the formative value of sports and therefore encourage Peterites to be involved at least in one sport while in school.


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